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Internet of Energy 2019

03. - 04.09.2019, Berlin

The Energy sector is currently undergoing major transformation from rapidly evolving and emerging technologies such as IoT, 5G & Artificial Intelligence. With these advances disrupting the energy sector at every stage, from production to refinement and consumption, the advantages are clear but how are you going implement effectively, sustainably and whilst ensuring ROI? Back for its 3rd year, Internet of Energy 2018 is Europe’s leading event which looks beyond the “why” featuring a case-study led agenda providing the necessary insight on how to implement emerging technologies in order to successfully innovate, drive efficiency, reduce cost and lower environmental impact.
Our Paul Kreutzkamp participate as a speaker.
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Asian Utility Week 2019

03. - 04.09.2019, Kuala Lumpur

Asian Utility Week incorporating the Digital Energy & Grid Edge Knowledge Hubs is a large scale expo that helps energy companies adjust their Smart Grid strategies to capitalise on the energy transition and engage more effectively with customers. This event has been running for 20 years in Asia and is known as the region's best digital energy conference. Our Felix Jedamzik will participate as a speaker and talk about "P2G-VPP business models for renewable aggregation - Asian applications".
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2nd International Conference on Large-Scale Grid Integration of Renewable Energy

04. - 06.09.2019, New Delhi

The Government of India has set the very ambitious goal to install 175 GW of renewable energy generation capacity by 2022. Grid integration thus becomes a very critical challenge to successfully accomplish this target. This international conference aims to connect international experts and Indian stakeholders to jointly discuss the latest technological, regulatory and conceptual developments in this field. Our Felix Jedamzik will participate as a speaker and talk about "Power-to-Gas in a Virtual Power Plant - possibilities and challenges".
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Arab Future Cities Summit 2019

16. - 17.09.2019, Dubai

The Middle East’s Leading Smart City Event.Digital technology is disrupting every sector giving rise to seamless connectivity and smarter solutions that enable the growth of smart cities. This summit will be an innovative platform in promoting strategies for sustainable development that are in sync with the latest smart technology implementation. Over 300 senior executives across sectors and industries will come together to learn and share the various opportunities for growth in this ever evolving smart cities roadmap. We will participate with a little booth.
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40th PLMA Alliance Conference

04. - 06.11.2019, St. Petersburg, Florida USA

PLMA (Peak Load Management Alliance) was founded in 1999 as a community of experts and practitioners dedicated to sharing knowledge and providing resources to promote inclusiveness in the design, delivery, technology, and management of solutions addressing energy and natural resource integration. PLMA will continue to maintain a forum where practical experience, ideas, and knowledge are promoted to those seeking access to a vast network of industry professionals and practitioners. It is also a place where members gather to keep abreast of the latest industry trends in load management and to inform the next generation. Our Tobias Weghorn will attend as a speaker and discuss about the aggregation of wind farms into a Virtual Power Plant to enhance performance in electricity trading.
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European Utility Week

12. - 14.11.2019, Paris

European Utility Week is the place where the entire community of smart utility professionals meets to seek out solutions, sign new partnerships and build on relationships that will affect business models for the better. The programme is the beating heart of European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe, with the two events coming together for the first time to form the nexus of knowledge for the energy transition. We will participate with a booth and look forward to presenting you our VPP Software as a Service!
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7th Grid Integration & Electricity Ancillary Services 2019

22. - 24.05.2019, Amsterdam

The annual event gathers professionals and decision-makers responsible for TSO markets, Market Development, Networks and Balancing, Regulatory Affairs from European TSOs, DSOs, Power Generators and Power Trading companies to brainstorm on grid stability challenges and innovations, flexibility updates, Clean Energy Package implementation and RES integration among other important issues on the agenda today. Our Julian Kretz will give a lecture about "Balancing markets in transition - VPP as well?
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The smarter E Europe Conference - Intersolar Europe

15. - 17.05.2019, Munich

With four parallel energy exhibitions and conferences, the “The smarter E Europe” is an innovation hub for empowering new energy solutions. It takes a comprehensive approach to the topics of the new energy world by presenting cross-sector energy solutions and technologies for an intelligent, sustainable and cost-effective energy supply.

We are invited to join the following conferences as speaker.

- Our CEO Jochen Schwill will participate as a keynote speaker at the official opening and talk about "Renewables 24/7: Accelerating the Transition".
- Smart Renewable Systems Conference 2019: Our Felix Jedamzik will talk about "The Man in the Middle - Running a VPP for Decentralized Generators & Consumers" within the panel "Democratizing Wholesale Markets: Energy Trading in a Decentralizing World".
- EES Forum: Our Kerstin Pienisch will give a lecture about "Storage - Commercial use Cases with & Without Batteries" within the panel "Business Models for Commercial Storage Facilities".

We will also attend with a booth and look forward to welcoming you in hall B2, no. 151.

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Course "Grid services in decarbonized electrical systems"

24. - 25.04.2019, Sevilla

The aim of the two-day course is to address the main challenges and issues that Europe is facing regarding Ancillary Services under the new regulatory paradigm.
Our Jan Aengenvoort is invited as a speaker to talk about Virtual Power Plants and the provision of ancillary services.
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Workshop "New business models in the electricity sector and developments behind the meter"

14. - 15.02.2019, Florence

The two-day workshop organised by the Florence School of Regulation will investigate how the various players are adapting their business models to the new risks and opportunities posed by decarbonisation and digitalisation. It will also look at the new actors that are emerging within the electricity sector or are entering it from other industries. Our Jan Aengenvoort will participate as a speaker within the session "“Aggregators: what is the business model?”
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Powering Andhra Pradesh: Energy Innovation Summit 2019

05. - 06.02.2019, Vijayawada India

The five central themes of the summit: Conventional Energy, Renewable Energy, Grid Up-gradation, Energy Efficiency and Mobility. We will participate at this Summit.
More details will follow.
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E-world energy&water 2019

05. - 07.02.2019, Essen

Exhibitors and visitors from more than 70 nations come together in Essen to exchange news and views on the latest market developments. The focus of the trade fair is on products and technologies in the areas of energy services, information technology and energy trade. In addition, the topic area “Smart Energy” is devoted to intelligent, efficient and renewable solutions. The topic area “Innovation” places its emphasis on the future of the energy industry: Start-ups und research institutes present their new and innovative products and solutions - of course we will be part of it. We look forward to welcoming you at our booth no. 401, hall 1.

We will again participate as speaker within the "Energy Transition Forum", our Tobias Weghorn will give a lecture during the panel discussion „UK Energy Transition in Action".
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Digital Solar & Storage

04. - 05.12.2018, Munich

The world is going digital – and so is the energy industry. Solar and Storage, with the help of Digitalisation, will be the backbone of the New Energy World. Now that we are moving towards clean and flexible power, heat & transport sectors, it is key to have a cross-sectoral platform to discuss the most efficient ways to succeed in the energy transition in Europe. The event will again cover the full spectrum of challenges and opportunities impacting digitalisation, solar and storage from policy, market and technological perspectives. Our Helen Steinger will participate as a speaker within the panel "How the Future Utility will Look Like ".
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Distributed Energy Resources: Digitalization & IoT Conference

28. - 29.11.2018, Vienna

This unique european forum will disclose the practical insight of opportunities for new business solutions based on IoT technology, such as the latest approaches in using of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), the role in providing low-carbon electricity and how to do it smarter, how to integrate sollar cells, thermal and electircal storage and advanced demend-response systems and make cleaner energy production. These and more questions will be discussed and help to understand and solve challenges on the way to new generations of energy. Our Malek Alouini will attend as a speaker and talk about our VPP.
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European Utility Week

06. - 08.11.2018, Vienna

The leading event showcasing expert knowledge, innovative solutions and foresight from hundreds of industry leaders, coherent with European strategy to achieve a smooth transition towards a low carbon energy supply. Our Paul Kreutzkamp will give a presentation about our Virtual Power Plant.
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PSEW Conference

06. - 08.11.2018, Serock

13th PWEA Conference – the major wind industry event in Central and Eastern Europe – is the best opportunity to get insight into recent regulatory and market changes in Poland, and to meet the key players across the whole onshore & offshore supply chain. We will be particpating at the conference.
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PJM States Energy Trends Forum

31.10. - 01.11.2018, Chicago

The Germany - PJM States Energy Trends Forum will discuss recent energy developments, deepen the understanding of common challenges in power markets and share experiences with policies designed to overcome them. With esteemed keynote speakers and participants from both the PJM and German power sector, the forum will provide a unique platform for transatlantic networking. This international exchange within a political, regulatory, and economic framework will contribute to finding solutions in a transforming energy landscape. Our Jan Aengenvoort will attend as a speaker and talk about "the role of distributed energy resources, demand response, and digitization in the electricity market".
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PowerOfDigital - Redesigning the Energy Business

02.10.2018, Berlin

PowerOfDigital gives participants the opportunity to take part in an ambitious debate on the future of our energy systems. Digitalisation brings together new types of data, analytics and automation that revolutionise businesses. At #PowerOfDigital, participants will cross-examine the exciting advances allowing for more efficient business operations through interactive Q&A sessions with panellists from the energy industry and beyond. Our Tobias Weghorn will attend as a speaker.
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WindEurope 2018 Conference

25.09.2018, Hamburg

This September the Global Wind Summit in Hamburg is the biggest and most important meeting of the wind industry worldwide. It combines the world’s leading expo for wind energy - WindEnergy Hamburg and the global conference of WindEurope to create a high- powered, unique platform for business, networking and information - onshore and offshore. Our Jan Völpel will attend as a speaker within the panel "The role of TSOs and DSOs in electrification and sector coupling".
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European Power Summit

14.09.2018, Düsseldorf (Germany)

This essential event will continue to provide attendees with practical insights into the European power sector. Even more focused on the market design and main drivers starting from renewable integration (solar, wind, biomass and waste-to-energy), the changing role of conventional assets (gas, coal) to smart grids, storage and distribution challenges; as well as trading, risk and regulation. Our Hendrik Sämisch will attend as a speaker and talk about "Demand response mechanism and its role today and tomorrow".
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IRENA’s 2018 Innovation Week

05. - 07.09.2018, Bonn

IRENA Innovation Week 2018 is an action-focused gathering of around 250 policy makers, leading companies and innovators from across IRENA’s diverse global membership, convened to explore how innovations in enabling technologies, business models, system operations and sector coupling can accelerate the renewable power transition. Our Jan Aengenvoort will attend as a speaker within the session "New customer in the digital world".
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Polsko-niemiecka konferencja łącząca sektory - wymiana doświadczeń i perspektyw

21.06.2018, Warszawa

Organizowane przez Ambasadę Niemiec i AHK/Econet Polska.
Nacisk kładziony będzie na znaczenie rozporoszonego zaopatrzenia w energię, przyszłości klastrów energii, nieregularnych źródeł energii odnawialnej oraz utrzymanie częstotliwości i napięcia, a także przetwarzanie i magazynowanie energii elektrycznej. Nasz współzarządzający dyrektor Jochen Schwill uczestniczyć będzie jako prelegent w panelu "Przyszłość klastrów energii".

II Forum Operatorów Farm Wiatrowych

07. - 08.03.2018, Gdansk

W dniach 7-8.03.2018 w Gdańsku, Elektrownie NEXT wezmą udział w II Forum Operatorów Farm. Zapraszamy do udziału!
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Renexpo Poland

25. - 27.10.2017, Warsaw

RENEXPO® (Renewable ENergy EXPOsition) Poland jest nie tylko jednym z największych i najważniejszych wydarzeń dotyczących energii odnawialnej, ale tworzy także platformę energetyczną w całym kraju. Wydarzenie to staje się tradycją. Zarówno targi, jak i konferencje pokazują jak proste i ekologiczne może stać się generowanie, dostawa i użytkowanie energii przyszłości. I tutaj będziemy wystawcą i będziemy na Państwa czekać.
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Wind Power Poland

20. - 21.06.2017, Serock

Doroczna Konferencja i Targi PSEW to największe wydarzenie w branży energetyki wiatrowej w Europie Środkowo-Wschodniej – ubiegłoroczna, XI edycja zgromadziła ponad 1300 uczestników z kraju i z zagranicy. Na powierzchni 2500 m2 swoją ofertę zaprezentowało 55 polskich i zagranicznych wystawców. Podczas Konferencji, w ramach 12 paneli tematycznych, wystąpiło ponad 50 prelegentów. Elektrownie Next ma przyjemność poinformować, iż będzie wystawcą i na tym wydarzeniu. Zapraszamy Państwa do naszego stoiska.
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23. - 25.05.2017, Poznan

Targi GreenPOWER to największa w Polsce wystawa sektora OZE. Targi GreenPOWER, które gromadzą w jednym miejscu i czasie przedstawicieli wszystkich sektorów OZE, to dobra okazja, by poznać rynkowe tendencje, wymienić praktyczne spostrzeżenia, dowiedzieć się przed jakimi wyzwaniami i możliwościami stoi branża.
Po raz pierwszy będziemy uczestniczyć w targach jako wystawca i będziemy na Państwa czekać na naszym stoisku, nr 3 w hali 7.

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